14 November 2011

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

"Blues skies smiling at me, nothin' but blue skies do I see" is the song lyric that pops into my head most often as I sit on my terrace and look up. Of course, the sky's not always blue and it's not always smiling, but it is always interesting. I felt really sky-deprived in New York. I spent so many years scurrying past the towering New York skyscrapers with my head down that I think I forgot what a sky could look like. My new sky seems different, bigger, vaster, more varied than I'm used to. I now spend a good deal of my time following — and photographing — its comings and goings. Of course I'm not alone in this, people all over the world look up at their sky in wonderment and click. Just browse Flickr and you'll see hundreds of thousands of extraordinarily breathtaking sky and cloud and sunset pictures. And some of my Facebook friends, too, have posted gorgeous sky photos. Here is my contribution to that panoply of pictures, a sampling of my ever changing, beautiful spacious sky:


1 comment:

  1. Relatively used to skies, I was amazed in New York by how tall and large buildings can be. The skyscrapers... as I looked at them from the Brooklyn Bridge, I felt as if I was facing mountains, or the massive clouds in one of these pictures of yours.