27 February 2012

Feijoada Recant

I recant. Back in a January blogpost I stamped my feet and, in a fit of pique, declared to the world that I had eaten my last feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. I didn't feel good after such a heavy meal, didn't like it, didn't want it anymore. I was mostly referring to the authentic feijoadas, the ones with those unappetizing pig's ears, tails, feet and tongues. The ones you need an entire weekend to recover from. But, I even pooh-poohed the "finer" feijoadas, the ones with delicate, individual portions of recognizable "noble" meats, with some rice, beans, kale and prettily-arranged orange slices. That was a mistake. I got carried away. Last Saturday I ate such a "delicate" feijoada and it was g-o-o-o-o-d.

Walk right into the store....
...and find a table in the garden

Around the corner from our house is a high-end furniture store called Domme that has a restaurant called Bistrô Entre Folhas nestled in its lush garden. Some people think of it more as a restaurant called Bistrô Entre Folhas with a furniture store set up all around it. But however you experience it, for a mere R$25 ($14.50) per person they serve a really, really fine feijoada in a super lovely setting.

Looks good, smells great, Brazilian comfort food at its best. At this restaurant the meats are all smoked, the kale is good and garlicky, the beans full of surprise flavors.

The first helping is always very nicely arranged on the plate, restrained but artistic.

By the second  helping, all hell breaks loose.

It doesn't matter, because this is how it all ends up.

Not a whole lot left to scrape up. And it's better that way, because right now I'm thinking those sofas in the store's living room are looking pretty good...

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  1. Look at that! Feijoada deserved another entire blog. I gotta go to Entre Folhas to try it.