04 March 2013

100th Blog Post

Judging by what I’ve seen on the Internet, "the 100th blog post" seems to be a real milestone. Most bloggers, flushed with their achievement, celebrate it in some way or another. Some do a recap of their favorite blog posts, but if you ask me that’s really testing your audience’s patience. Other bloggers offer prizes to the lucky person who signs up as the next follower, which strikes me as a bit needy. I’ve even seen several self-congratulatory videos. Really, you can Google "100th blog post" yourself.

I decided to take questions as a way of commemorating this pivotal moment in history.

Question — In your very first blog post published on October 9, 2011, you said that by writing this blog you hoped to find an answer to the question of why you and Mark live in Brazil. Can you give us that answer now?

Answer — You’re kidding, that’s your first question? No, of course not. I was just trying to be intriguing.

Q — Oh. Well, you also said you would have something to say about living abroad in ones 60s that went beyond the AARP’s "retire abroad" articles. Can you share that with us?

A — No. Actually, the AARP has a good handle on the subject. I have nothing to add.

Q — So why did you start blogging in the first place?

A — I wanted to contribute to world peace. (Remember those ridiculous Miss America interviews?) No, come on, I started blogging for reasons of vainglory, of course. Why does anyone blog?

Q — Having now reached the 100-blog mark, do you see a legitimate stopping point before you reach the 200-blog mark?

A — Let’s see, at my current rate of publishing one blog post every Monday, I would reach my 200th post on February 2, 2015. Ask me then, if I’m still around. Or if you’re still around.

Q — Do you frequently find yourself up against deadlines?

A — Absolutely. Of course the deadlines are self-imposed, so I can move them or ignore them at will.

Q — In what ways do you think you could improve your blog?

A — Hire Gail Collins as my ghost-writer.

Q — Very funny! Okay, how about sharing some blog stats with us?

A — Sure.

Q — What are the five countries where your blog is most read?

A — United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia and Canada.

Q — What are the five most-viewed blog posts?

AWhy, Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh (about the amusing consequences of Brazilians not pronouncing the letter Y); followed by Our Dr. Seuss Plants; Feijoada; London, We’re Watching You (about Rio’s close study of how London handled the 2012 Olympics); and Christmas in Brazil.

Q — Which of your posts has received the most comments?

ARio’s Eight Minutes, about the short segment of London’s Olympics Closing Ceremony that introduced Rio to the world. I’m including all comments, the ones on the blog as well as comments I have received via Facebook and e-mail.

Q — What’s the most memorable comment you’ve received so far?

A — I was told my blog was boring.

Q — Who told you that?

A — My mother.

Q — That’s a joke, right?

A — Don’t I wish.

Q — What’s the total number of hits you’ve received to date?

A — 23,012. But it’s constantly changing, and some of the hits are what’s called "refer spam," so that’s not a serious question.

Q — You want serious? You haven’t exactly been very serious about this interview.

A — Oh, as if conducting an interview with oneself could be serious.

Hard at work on my next blog post

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