30 September 2013

Brazilians Separated at Birth

People have always said that I look like Amy Irving, or she like me. Okay, mostly it's in the hair, but there was indeed a resemblance years ago, especially during her Crossing Delancey days. (In fact, I admit to having signed a few autographs on her behalf when that movie was playing in New York, if only to get some very persistent old women off my back!) Interestingly enough, Amy and I share an even stronger connection than a passing resemblance. While she was married to Bruno Barreto, the Brazilian director, they had a beach house not far down the beach from where Mark and I live now. Pretty eery, huh?

Well, people are forever mistaking one person for another, or noting some uncanny resemblance between so-and-so and that actor, what’s-his-name. Just to have a bit of fun, here are a few separated-at-birth Brazilians:

Nalbert, former Brazilian volleyball star
Yul Brynner, eternal Russian-born King of Siam

Tarcísio Meira, Brazilian actor
Howard Keel, American actor and singer

Pedrinho Mattar, Brazilian pianist
John Wallowitch, American pianist

Tony Bellotto, Brazilian musician, author

Paul Reiser, American actor, musician, author

Renata Vasconcellos, Brazilian TV news anchorwoman
Julia Roberts, American actress

Glória Pires, Brazilian actress
Carmen Maura, Spanish actress

Reynaldo Gianecchini, Brazilian actor
Matthew Fox, American actor

Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian model
Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress

Luiz Guilherme, Brazilian actor
Patrick Stewart, British actor

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