30 June 2014

The World Cup Plays Out In Búzios

While thousands upon thousands of people descended on the various Brazilian host cities of the 2014 World Cup, straining those cities’ infrastructures and services to their limits, Mark and I stayed close to home to watch how things played out in Búzios. It was a good move. Búzios was both animated and quiet, and in just the right degrees (for us). Here’s a panorama of how the World Cup has been playing out in Búzios:

Everyone all set with your favorite good luck shirt?


              You can sit on the street . . .

. . . or in a nice restaurant

Nary a car left uncovered!

Getting ready for the Brazil x Mexico game --  

Kiwi + passion fruit, the colors of Brazil

Every Argentine in town watching the Argentina x Iran game on the Praça Santos Dumont --

Back on the Praça Santos Dumont for the Brazil x Cameroon game --

Uruguay x Italy, pre-bite --

Commemorating an Argentine goal against Nigeria --

One restaurant had a special World Cup menu --

These were selling like hotcakes, so I had to buy a pair, too!

No hotel? No prob! Just pick an empty spot and camp out --

Part of a caravan that drove all the way from Santiago, Chile --

And lots and lots and lots of Argentina license plates --

And in the tense Brazil x Chile game, Brazil scored highest in the Battle of the Hats! (Chile 4, Brazil 8) --


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