20 October 2014

Drone Strikes

A dear friend of ours here in Búzios has two sons who live in New York. Recently, his sons were down here visiting. One of the sons, Raphael, built his own drone which — having gotten it through Customs — he carried everywhere he went in Brazil, including to breakfast at our house. I must say, we were rather excited at the prospect of having a bird’s-eye view of our house and our neighborhood!

Here’s Raphael setting up his pet drone —

Here’s the drone starting out on its mission —

While Raphael works the equipment —


And here are the resulting videos, courtesy Raphael Krengiel — the first gives a general overview of our neighborhood:

And the second one is more focused on our property and its immediate environs:

(Wish our house looked better. On one side is that construction project I’ve been blogging about, the one that’s seemingly been abandoned now for almost a year. It’s nothing but a big, ugly scar. On the other side of us, the swimming pool was being repaired at the time of the drone’s visit. Bummer.)

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