24 August 2015


Nowadays you can Google anything and everything, but I grew up pre- Google, so everything I ever learned about cactus came from watching old Westerns (which means I don't know a whole hell of a lot about cactus, other than that they're native to the Americas). What I know for sure is that if you were prostrate with thirst and near death, you had best crawl to a cactus, quick. If you were lucky, and crawled fast, you might reach one and find a drop of water inside. If not, that was the end of that, pardner!

Here in Búzios we have a variety of cactus growing all over the place —

. . . on the shore

. . . in a garden

. . . and at the beach

— as well as inside and outside of our house —

Affectionately called our "broccoli monster"

Stand back! This is our sharp "needle monster"!
A nice, gentle guy on the veranda

Planted at 5", now stands tall and proud

Part of our recent trip to the States included a drive around the Southwest, which brought us face to face with the famous movie cactus —

Classic saguaro in Paradise Valley, Arizona
From somewhere to somewhere, New Mexico

Also in New Mexico

But here's my all-time favorite cactus, which we scared off in São Paulo during the 2014 Bienale Art Show!

Get me outta here!


  1. This makes me think of my beloved Silver City, New México.

    1. I just googled Silver City, NM -- sorry we missed it in our pass through the Southwest, it looks great! Were you just visiting, or did you work there during your exchange years?

  2. Hi there! It is Renan.

    I am having to post this comment as "Anonymous" because, for some reason, if I try to post it signed in with my user, it does not go through.

    I was just visiting. I have a couple of old friends that live there. I stayed with them for 2 months in 2006, then nearly a month in 2010, and then a few days in 2012. I do miss the place.

    Here are a few pictures from the first visit:


    1. Hi Renan! Thanks for the pictures. Maybe it's time we exchanged e-mails -- I'd rather not put mine here, but I didn't find you on Facebook, so . . . if you look for me on Facebook, you should find me and be able to send me a private message. If you want, of course!